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10 tips on developing a conceptual framework in quantitative studies

Are you struggling to put together your conceptual framework? Dr Babak Taheri gives you 10 tips on developing a conceptual framework in quantitative studies.

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Sitting down and working out quickly what I would do, and how I could possibly afford to do it (time and finances)

If you recall my last post, I had just bumped into someone that I knew from years ago. He was completing his PhD and I was on a Masters course back in the UK at the time. Before I went home from another busy shift at work, I sat down to catch up on the past 8 years! His question was “So, when are you going to do a PhD?”, to which I replied “I’ve actually been thinking about that for the past six weeks, but how on earth do I manage it?”.

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10 tips for doing an internship while pursuing an MSc

Jessica Doyle is a Postgraduate student at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, studying for an MSc in International Marketing Management with Digital Marketing. Along with her studies, she is working part time as a marketing intern for Genoa Black, creative and...
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Top 10 hints for things to consider before going on exchange

Being offered the chance to go and live abroad for a year is something that the majority of students would jump at. The offer of new experiences and opportunities is something that you would be silly to turn down. However, what should you consider before moving abroad?

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Top 10 Tips for Getting into University

Are you about to enter university? Here are our top ten tips to get you into university.

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How to start a PhD proposal

Whenever I have any kind of essay or assessment that needs doing, I always find that the best place to start is to break down everything that you need to do in easy to manage sections. No doubt that by this stage in your education this will have been very much drilled into your mind by now but always plan! It is so important, planning helps you organise your thoughts and manage what seems like a huge undertaking into no more than a sequence of very different/smaller sections which come together to make up a larger whole.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Doing a PhD in Higher Education

During my undergraduate degree, in International Business, I was obsessed with airlines and my dream job was to work as an operational manager at British Airways. I did not have even the slightest interest in Higher Education until I became a Class Rep during my final year. At Class Rep training I was elected as Faculty Rep and from there I began to attend committee meetings and university workshops. This was a whole new world for me, and I left the majority of meetings enthused to learn more about the intricacies of universities, as well as work to enhance the experiences of my fellow students. Five years later, I am now at the early stages of my PhD researching the experiences of transnational students and working with Academic Registry to put in place initiatives to help support the sense of community and belonging within this Global University.