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Top 10 hints for things to consider before going on exchange

Being offered the chance to go and live abroad for a year is something that the majority of students would jump at. The offer of new experiences and opportunities is something that you would be silly to turn down. However, what should you consider before moving abroad?

Sitting down and working out quickly what I would do, and how I could possibly afford to do it (time and finances)

If you recall my last post, I had just bumped into someone that I knew from years ago. He was completing his PhD and I was on a Masters course back in the UK at the time. Before I went home from another busy shift at work, I sat down to catch up on the past 8 years! His question was “So, when are you going to do a PhD?”, to which I replied “I’ve actually been thinking about that for the past six weeks, but how on earth do I manage it?”.

Getting through the PhD and its emotional roller coaster

I gave a speech about “Getting through the PhD” about a month ago at the University of Glasgow. It was intense to stand there, talking to PhD students in their first year and give them advice….more like slices of life and experience.

10 tips on developing a conceptual framework in quantitative studies

Are you struggling to put together your conceptual framework? Dr Babak Taheri gives you 10 tips on developing a conceptual framework in quantitative studies.

A guide to different types of theory/models

You are being asked to make a theoretical contribution and to find theoretical research gaps. This can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know what can be considered as a theory and what not. This guide will point you in the right direction.  ...

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[Infographic] From leisure to tourism

Understanding the conditions and motivators of shifts in cultural trends is crucial for those managing and promoting the consumption of tourist activities. This research paper explores the recent popular surge of interest in BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism) and develops a model that explains how ‘deviant’ activities move from the margins to the mainstream. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] Translating for tourism: accuracy or effectiveness?

This paper argues that for translation to enhance the tourist experience literal accuracy is not enough and translations should be culturally sensitive to their target readers. Using the example of museum websites as a form of purposive tourism information designed to both inform and attract potential visitors, this paper analyses websites of museums in the UK and China.

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