Author: Jaydeep Pancholi

To break or not to break

We all start a PhD hoping to not face any troubles within our personal life. However as life goes this could be the case. Heaven forbid any health issues. When it comes to issues concerning your studies there is usually very good support from your university to help you. Guidance will be given to you in the appropriate manner. However when I faced a physically health issue I hit the conundrum of whether or not to take a break from studies.

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Start a PhD without Funding

If you wish to start a PhD without funding you will need to plan in advance. You can use online sources to discover the average living costs of the city you intend to live. Adding to this you would need to consider rent, bills and potential travelling. This can give you a rough guide as to how much financial reserves you would need to save to get you through the 3 or 4 years of PhD. But I would highly recommend researching what grants and scholarships are available from both the University and governing bodies. The sensible option would be to secure a grant or scholarship beforehand. However if you feel ambitious you could take a risk

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Advice for new PhD Students

When coming onto a PhD program there are many things which can be racing into your mind; shifting location, funding, getting on with your supervisors, where do I even start with my thesis etc. However as simple as it sounds the best way to start is to take things step-by-step. After knowing the date of your university enrolment you have something to work towards.

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