Shanzeh Nadeem is a fresh graduate of the MA (Hons) in Business & Finance from Heriot Watt University,Dubai. She completed her degree with a dissertation that explored new forms of digital advertising through the emergence of smartphones in the region. Her research interests are digital marketing as well as fashion marketing. Currently, she is continuing her academic dissertation research towards a professional publication while also exploring different corporate marketing careers in the UAE.

In April 2015, after months of hard work and sleepless nights, my Marketing dissertation on “Investigating consumer attitudes for young adults towards in-app advertising in the UAE” was finally complete. Before I walked down to hand in the very final copy of my dissertation I took one last look at it. I remembered how much I could not wait for this moment, to finally finish my dissertation and never look at it again. However, something had changed. I was suddenly very proud of what I had produced. I had put my heart into this dissertation. I wanted to take this journey of extensive research and thorough analysis further.

After my supervisor Dr Rodrigo Perez Vega, reviewed the final copy of my dissertation he complimented me on the tremendous amount of effort the final product reflected. As the dissertation was based on a topic that was understudied in the UAE and had the potential to make significant contributions to marketing literature especially in the Gulf Region, my supervisor informed me about the International Conference on Organization and Management that would be held in Abu Dhabi in November 2015.

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As soon as I heard about this opportunity, I knew this would be a great platform to take the journey further. My supervisor, an external member Ms. Lilia Carolina Rodríguez and I teamed up to polish the dissertation into a professional paper ready to be submitted to a conference. My supervisor refined the paper with more detailed literature using his industry knowledge, Ms. Carolina added more accuracy to the data analysis using her expertise in statistical analysis, while I edited and proofread the working paper.

In the end, the raw dissertation with potential was turned in to more refined academic paper ready to be submitted at a conference where various academic professionals could review it and provide feedback on how further improve the research. Submitting my dissertation in the form of a conference paper allowed me to continue the journey of academic research that I enjoyed during my final year towards a professional direction. Participating in academic conferences can act as a good building block for research enthusiasts who aim for professional publications that make vital contributions in academic literature!

Picture by JD Hancock under CC license.