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Advice for those doing a PhD part time or while keeping a full time job

Now I’ve been accepted, arranged to stay on at work part-time (although it’s almost a full-time contract for normal people when you look at the hours!). I need to resolve being a student again, along with how to juggle reading, study, writing, teaching, marking, home-life, and work?!

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How to conduct an interview for qualitative research

If your research is of a qualitative nature, it is more than likely you will conduct an interview at some stage. For many PhD students, interviews constitute their primary source of data. Although it can be daunting at first, the process of carrying them out is often fun, rewarding and enlightening. Your skills as an interviewer will improve with experience, and you will become more confident and assured with each attempt. This article outlines various suggestions for students using the interview method.

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What drove me to become a reclusive PhD student?

There were a few reasons that I decided I wanted to go back to studying after 8 years. First, I started to hate what I did for work. I had previously been a Hotel General Manager, and then moved into Branded Restaurants, working for one of the largest operators in the UK. The job was grueling, and depressing. Constantly working extra shifts, extra hours, having to work under-staffed due to unrealistic budget constraints, and then justify why the food quality and customer service were, to put a crude twist on it, pretty crappy – if you don’t have the staff, how do you meet such high expectations?!

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Top 10 Hints for co-authoring

Kevin O’Gorman is Professor of Management and Business History and Head of Business Management in the School of Languages...
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Advice on starting a PhD

Starting a PhD is a big thing! Different individuals may start a PhD for different reasons. I thought, sharing my own experience of deciding to do a PhD might help. My circumstances were particularly different to many of the other doctoral candidates due to various reasons. As an individual growing up in a rural village that offered only very limited social bonuses my journey was not a cake walk, I knew education was the only way out but I had no much guidance or information available. I kept on finding information on how to do a PhD and what was required. For me, there was no direct access to a PhD straight away from my undergraduate degree but via doing a masters’ degree. So, understanding your personal and social circumstances, and what needs to be done in order to enable where you want to be is vital.

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How to start a PhD proposal

Whenever I have any kind of essay or assessment that needs doing, I always find that the best place to start is to break down everything that you need to do in easy to manage sections. No doubt that by this stage in your education this will have been very much drilled into your mind by now but always plan! It is so important, planning helps you organise your thoughts and manage what seems like a huge undertaking into no more than a sequence of very different/smaller sections which come together to make up a larger whole.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Doing a PhD in Higher Education

During my undergraduate degree, in International Business, I was obsessed with airlines and my dream job was to work as an operational manager at British Airways. I did not have even the slightest interest in Higher Education until I became a Class Rep during my final year. At Class Rep training I was elected as Faculty Rep and from there I began to attend committee meetings and university workshops. This was a whole new world for me, and I left the majority of meetings enthused to learn more about the intricacies of universities, as well as work to enhance the experiences of my fellow students. Five years later, I am now at the early stages of my PhD researching the experiences of transnational students and working with Academic Registry to put in place initiatives to help support the sense of community and belonging within this Global University.

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