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Top 10 Viva Hints: Things to consider when preparing for your PhD Exam…

Our top 10 Hints to prepare for your PhD Viva.

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How to get a Post-Doc

Whether or not you want to continue into a long-term academic career, a Post-Doctoral role will give you the valuable and eminently desirable experience of working on a fixed-term project (or projects) as part of a highly skilled team. If this appeals, then ideally you should start looking for specific Post-Doctoral roles whilst writing up your thesis , as advertisements often appear several months in advance of the start date.

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Socks, Brooms, Shrines and Temples: Recent research in Japan

Suppose you patched up a hole in your favourite sock, only to find another hole the next day. Okay, needle and thread out and repair complete, but oh dear, another day, another hole. This sorry cycle continues on for a week or two until none of the original sock...
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The Junior Scholar Innovativeness Dilemma

As a junior academic researcher, the issue of ‘innovativeness’ in academic research has been a continual cause of anxiety and doubt: is it wise for a Junior Scholar to be innovative?

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What drove me to become a reclusive PhD student?

There were a few reasons that I decided I wanted to go back to studying after 8 years. First, I started to hate what I did for work. I had previously been a Hotel General Manager, and then moved into Branded Restaurants, working for one of the largest operators in the UK. The job was grueling, and depressing. Constantly working extra shifts, extra hours, having to work under-staffed due to unrealistic budget constraints, and then justify why the food quality and customer service were, to put a crude twist on it, pretty crappy – if you don’t have the staff, how do you meet such high expectations?!

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How to start a PhD proposal

Whenever I have any kind of essay or assessment that needs doing, I always find that the best place to start is to break down everything that you need to do in easy to manage sections. No doubt that by this stage in your education this will have been very much drilled into your mind by now but always plan! It is so important, planning helps you organise your thoughts and manage what seems like a huge undertaking into no more than a sequence of very different/smaller sections which come together to make up a larger whole.

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