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Travelling for Umrah: destination attributes, destination image, and post-travel intentions

A research paper published in the Service Industries Journal examines the links between three antecedent factors (i.e. cosmopolitanism, self-identity, and a desire for social interaction) on perceived destination image and behavioural intentions in the context of...
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How to start a PhD proposal

Whenever I have any kind of essay or assessment that needs doing, I always find that the best place to start is to break down everything that you need to do in easy to manage sections. No doubt that by this stage in your education this will have been very much drilled into your mind by now but always plan! It is so important, planning helps you organise your thoughts and manage what seems like a huge undertaking into no more than a sequence of very different/smaller sections which come together to make up a larger whole.

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Conferences – doctoral colloquium or full conference

Once you have made the decision to embark on putting your research ‘out there’ for others to see and hear, you need to decide where to do so. There are a range of forum through which you can choose ranging from large national and international conferences often hosted by disciplinary academies to smaller research workshops, seminars or conferences organised by more niche or specialist research groups. Within these many organisations will host events and colloquia aimed specifically at doctoral researchers, which vary considerably, to the elements of these events generally intended for ‘competitive’ research presentations.

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10 Tips to combine a PhD and a job

Some important pointers on managing a career and undertaking a PhD.

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10 tips for replying to reviewers’ comments on your manuscript

Dr Babak Taheri is an Associate Professor in Marketing and Programmes Director in MSc International Marketing Management...
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[Infographic] From leisure to tourism

Understanding the conditions and motivators of shifts in cultural trends is crucial for those managing and promoting the consumption of tourist activities. This research paper explores the recent popular surge of interest in BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism) and develops a model that explains how ‘deviant’ activities move from the margins to the mainstream. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] Translating for tourism: accuracy or effectiveness?

This paper argues that for translation to enhance the tourist experience literal accuracy is not enough and translations should be culturally sensitive to their target readers. Using the example of museum websites as a form of purposive tourism information designed to both inform and attract potential visitors, this paper analyses websites of museums in the UK and China.

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