Author: Tom Farrington

How to get a Post-Doc

Whether or not you want to continue into a long-term academic career, a Post-Doctoral role will give you the valuable and eminently desirable experience of working on a fixed-term project (or projects) as part of a highly skilled team. If this appeals, then ideally you should start looking for specific Post-Doctoral roles whilst writing up your thesis , as advertisements often appear several months in advance of the start date.

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What do Post-Docs do?

The specific activities and responsibilities of a Post-Doctoral role will vary between disciplines, departments, and institutions, but the overall expectations are likely to be similar: an individual emphasis on either teaching or research, with minimal supervision and plenty of opportunities to collaborate with senior academics. This is another step towards the end goal of Professor Emeritus! My current (primarily research) role sees me working simultaneously on multiple projects with multiple authors, and one of the principal challenges is time management.

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