Author: Ross Curran

PhDs and Publications: Some of the benefits

The PhD process gives you the opportunity to get to grips with a vast amount of literature, positioning PhD students strongly when it comes to publishing journal articles and opportunities to contribute to their respective field. It might seem like yet another task for already time-constrained PhD students, but publishing during the PhD can offer several benefits.

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Navigating Networks at Academic Conferences

So you’ve been accepted for a conference (hopefully somewhere exciting!), and your conference paper is ready to be presented to an assembly of your academic peers. Whilst one of the principal benefits of an academic conference can be the constructive criticism a presenter receives on their ideas, the opportunity to develop an academic network of researchers within your field is arguably as important.

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When is it a good idea to attend an academic conference?

Over the course of my PhD, I have been lucky enough to attend four conferences (one industry, and three academic), two in my first year, one in my second, and one in my third. Although there perhaps is never a ‘bad’ time to attend a conference, there are definitely times when benefits from attendance can be maximised, and indeed, the type of conference can be dependent on your stage of study.

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