Author: Rodrigo Perez Vega

Could Sparrho become an alternative to Google Scholar?

The newest kid on the block in academic search is a British-based company called Sparrho. With over 21,000 sources and 5 million search items, the platform allows from a more customised and research-led user experience for the academic world. I always welcome new tools that can make research easier to conduct, so I was excited when I read about this new platform.

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Are there any strategies that can help my PhD application succeed/stand out?

I had my PhD VIVA about a year ago. For almost the same time I have been an assistant professor in the Dubai Campus of my alma mater. Taking on this new job has also given me the opportunity to talk to other people that are interested in enrolling into a PhD programme at our university. A common question that I get is: are there any strategies that can help my application succeed/stand out? This post is about my reflection on this topic.

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